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Tamara + Landscape Architecture



         Luxury &  Resort Lifestyle Design


 Design & Development, Project Management & Construction Administration

PRACTICING STATE  WIDE  IN CALIFORNIA        1 408 379-7710   1 760 328-9639

Design for Places, Resorts, Hotels, Churches, Schools, Parks, Estates, Hospitals,

Sport Athletic Fields, Golf Ranges, Golf Courses, Zoned School Play Areas, Amphitheaters

Leisure Lifestyles

Architectural Partners, Venture Capital, and Related Trades

Increased Revenue and Value

Health Care, Civic, Institutional, Educational

Conservation, Ecological Restoration,  Scenic  Easements

Water Conservation and Sustainability

Entertainment, Events, Weddings, Contemplative, and Spiritual

Planned Improvements, Community

Public Agencies, Private, Non Profits, and Special Needs  

Tamara + Landscape Architecture  +  Design Studio +  State  Wide.

Tamara provides Full Consultation  Support Services, and is Licensed by the State of California  for protection of Health, Safety and Welfare, since 1990. Tamara Kron, Landscape Architect, CLA 3369.